About the factory

My voluntary work for the Finnish Lifeboat Association has taught me perseverance and has given me the ability to react quickly to changing situations. I try to take the same approach in my work as a photographer. Most image production assignments are challenging, so situations must be mastered to ensure that conditions do not jeopardise a good outcome. For clients, this attitude is evident as certainty and reliability.


I have been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years, specialising in a polished and illuminated style. I perform well in fast situations and schedules, and I am just as comfortable working with business leaders as with people experiencing sensitive life situations. One of the best aspects of this work is that it provides an excellent vantage point over the whole of society.


Good pictures are not created easily, even for a professional; you have to work hard to produce them. The results of work well done are seen above all in long client relationships.


I enjoy my leisure time with my family and on the sea. Becoming a father of two children has given me a heightened sense of situation and long-term vision.



I am based in Vaasa and undertake photographic assignments in different parts of Finland. Vaasa also has good links for foreign travel. In addition to Finnish, I speak Swedish and English. My clients are advertising and communications agencies, companies, publishing firms, and many public and private organisations. I do not do work for private individuals.


I price my work on a time basis, and release user rights for images to clients according to advance agreement. In advertising photography work, I generally always release extensive user rights. My work includes a guarantee that covers technical aspects and delivery corresponding to the order. Please ask a price estimate for the work you require and I’ll gladly tell you more about pricing.




I have available a very comprehensive and effective mobile studio, which is suitable for the illumination of large subjects as well as for executing assignments in challenging field conditions. Reliability is enhanced by the fact that most of the critical equipment is duplicated. A large range of lighting equipment can also be transported by air.




My studio is located in the centre of Vaasa and it is there that I carry out, for example, company personnel and product shoots. This comprehensively equipped studio is suitable for assignments in which the size of the subjects is reasonable. I will explain in connection with the planning process, when my studio is best suited as a shooting location.


I carry out photographic assignments in accordance with clients’ visual expectations. I regularly accept clients whose wishes require the development of new production approaches. In many cases, these interesting projects result is long and fulfilling client relationships.