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A quarter of a century of visual communication services

I have a 25-year career in B-to-B photo productions for demanding professional clients, such as press houses, marketing communications agencies, companies, organizations, and foundations. I have produced polished product and advertising images. Still, I have done a wide variety of lifestyle productions for magazines and other such customers who want to use the reportage-like approach in their visual communication. Currently, I am focusing on safety research and consulting, holding communications activities mainly on a brake.



High-quality image production for the needs of marketing communications has been my main job for years and years.



Light video productions were an indispensable part of photo productions later in their careers.



I have been a news photographer of spirit and blood from my roots, although later, I photographed more magazines and lifestyle topics for different platforms.



In product images, I have invested in high-quality light and a result that does not need to be saved in image processing.

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