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In my work, I combine experience from countless development projects and frontline tasks in rescue services. I believe in well-founded knowledge, in the acquisition of which I use academic and specialized training in various fields. My passion is development, safety issues, and achievement. I like to move into networks where trust is earned every day. I also have a long career in the communications industry, where I have learned the diversity of project management and business and social structures.

My passion is developing the operations of safety-critical organizations. My background is a decades-long career in the training and crew tasks of the Finnish Maritime Rescue Society and countless national development projects. I have been involved in developing, for example, cooperation between rescue organizations in the sea area, training in the field, and the cockpit work of fast workboats. This experience lays the foundation for demanding expert tasks in the field.


I am passionate about producing new information and, for example, developing safe and efficient working methods. The performance of safety-critical organizations is developed significantly through the proactive management of human factors.


I graduated with a master's degree in administrative science in the spring 2020 (the University of Vaasa, School of Management). Since then, I have trained as an occupational health and safety manager and CRM trainer, among other things. In addition to my work, I am currently a doctoral researcher in the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences at the University of Vaasa.

Read more about the development of safety and working methods!

I have worked as an entrepreneur for over 25 years in national media and marketing communications. In addition to visual communication skills, I have built an extensive network of contacts during my career, ranging from business to the media, politics, the public sector, organizations, educational institutions, and civil society. By utilizing and managing networks, we operate more efficiently and see the key features of our organization more clearly. I am familiar with the operating methods of the media, the production processes of marketing communications, and the laws of goal-oriented communication. I have utilized this expertise, for example, in information tasks in the rescue sector. A sample of my portfolio from my past career as a magazine and advertising photographer can be found here

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Doctoral researcher, Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences, University of Vaasa 2020–

Master of Administrative Sciences, HTM / MSc, University of Vaasa 2020

TSPK 78. Occupational Safety and Health Manager Course (EurOSHM), Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2020

Crew Resource Management Trainer (EASA, FAA, ICAO), 2022


Head of BRM Training (PTE), Finnish Lifeboat Institution

Volunteer Lifeboat coxswain, Finnish Lifeboat Institution



Advanced Course in National Defence LSSAVI J18 (2022)

Medal of Merit of the Finnish Border Guard, Finnish Border Guard (2021)

Safety Act of the Year 2020 award (as the leader of the working group),

Finnish Lifeboat Institution (2021)

National Defence Course LSSAVI 26 (2019)

Maritime Rescuer of the Year, Finnish Lifeboat Institution (2004)

Anchor Cross 75, Finnish Navy (1994)

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